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Visionary Work of the Week

The Flow
by Indifferento
©2015 Indifferento

When All Fails

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 21, 2013, 8:26 AM
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When All Fails

And it’s always on to the next adventure.
Random leaves flicker roads of desolate
trod and cried
over, fallen quicksand depths demanding
for survival.
Frozen wings, sudden sparkling cold
damp unforgiven. Bent below, tramps
expecting handouts,
bankers expecting deeds,
women expecting hollow forcomings.
There is no easy fantasy. Tales of fates and
lie on quantum desperation, haunted nights.
Winter always lurks on Spring’s horizon.
Keep moving; keep life singing, gyrating for
The road long saturated with evil, rise above.
Learn, grieve, abandon.
Envision a grander hope, shining spire

~poem by our cofounder libramoon :iconlibramoon:

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libramoon Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015
metafiction, working title: Something Sacred.

I am thinking about publishing this.  Any suggestions about appropriate publishers would be appreciated.
libramoon Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015
Bearing Water for Brigid
Sketches for a water vessel --
united, bottle and message elide on waves.
Voice of Brigid calls.
All who hear: Imagine.
Exposed to wind, to grit, to rain,
shifts of vibration,
rock faces erode.
Designated fixed space
Seaworthy container
Conveyor through fluid
Creates place, surface to paint
tableaux for amusement,
diffusion of emotion,
beatitude against foment of dueling farce.
Harsh edges polished,
pure shades
blend in the dark.
Brief infusion
of giddy illusion
just enough to guilefully entice.
Sparkling Neural net
a secret
clue revealing
purpose, meaning;
wild eternal child,
ages' flamboyant fool,
(Voice pours from within)
A wound is a sacred vessel.
Pain carves into flesh
sense memory;
carries the seed
of its own demise.
engulfed in life
learns anew to be whole.
Wounded with the potential for wisdom
when eyes are are pried
from seeping, sucking, suffering
aching to censure what future we admire.
Redefine the schizm.
This wound is our project.
To heal, discover the vision;
realign the seam to fit
self-framed landscape.
Let loose that genie of desire.
Ride rushing blood streams.
Build a roaring pyre of grief,
insane belief in wrath-filled deities.
Revile that old refrain: "life is pain" or a game
to be lost.
No Faustian bargain.
Just a 
rambling adventure
to explore
essence of ecstasy.
Don't wait for the rest to see
and demur.
Stretch your sail.
Take sight of your guiding star.
The only failure is self-denial
in favor of the vile lie
that pain is destiny
instead of faithful friend
lending energy
for change.
Slice vivid memories.
Exult in the tastes, the textures.
Enliven your way.
In the end
the vessel breaks.
There the Goddess stirs.
Scrying on the Moon
~twilight of the goddess, call to song aery dancing, lady fair your fiery trance rewinds our souls; enjoy these offerings of fancy: all art is yours ~
By sibylline light
images I recognize,
creviced captures of my life.
I know her judgment to be my own.
"Nourished by Moon rivers
mythical cavern blooms
unseen by sunlight
glow green." 
Thus she sets the scene;
becomes the prophecy.
"Purest white simplicity
curved to suggest fragility
faith fed maiden ready for
given in bondage to womanly woes,
hard rows to hoe
for tight human hug through 
crying of night.
Fate of mortal soldiers, sacrificed to lust.
Seeking relief, beg for the boon of drama
high adventure
sneaking into sad hotels
for a fix or a tumble.
deadly play,
danger, a real chance.
Barefoot in the snow
icy roads
winds so strong
I could not make you hear.
I thought you were my destiny.
Crazy thoughts, far from clear;
but I believed
song lyrics from Saturnine deities
would not lie, leave me
dying, fading into winter's grey
drifting clouds,
endless sorrow endured for naught.
Lost on this careless corner,
dreaming of oblivion, intent on visions
like rain
tapping against eternity's
vast windowpane.
Scenic serenity.
Nature's gradations of green
soothe tired eyes,
trembling nerves, throbbing  veins.
Slivers of moonlight reflect,
disperse through refrains, unearth secrets
embedded in song
effervescing through cool pure air
cleansing the uprising nestling
set aflame
tempered mettle,
pure, wise, tested
engorged with the will
to rise"
Goddess’s Way
With passion!
Outpouring elixir fills our mythic spring.
Sparkling flame of peace abides within,
licks battle wounds.
Not ignorant fools;
no pleas for altruist beliefs.
Relief of hunger completes us.
No cunning deceivers could ignite malice,
steal our good.
Unbalanced need reaches to heal through
magical interchange.
Energies when well-purposed, understood,
replenish, undiminished.
Why meanly measure 
scores in morality play at “who deserves”?
Healthful work, flowing contribution, 
bestows focal point for cyclic rain’s reward.
Fortune’s gift, this benevolent wishers’ well,
replete Goddess blessing.
Sacred vessels,
dip in for contentment, good will, joyful
This is not belief or even knowing.
This is breath of awe in motion.
Novitiate strong and true, my Lord.
Trained to service as is due, my Lord.
Sweep snowy threshold; chop roots for stew,
my Lord.
Domicile clean, tidy, warm.
Hearth fire charmed; wicks ready to light at dark’s release.
Kitchen enchantment, smells that spell succulent sup.
Holiday breads, hunt’s victory,
fruit sweet and spiced, preserved against winter’s insurgency.
Stalwart, luscious vintage ever replenished to
toast-raising cups.
Fragrant pipe passed ‘round; copious wine.
Feast sumptuously satisfied.   Night of dance
with hallowed candles cast in magic.
Rhythms wax and wander, discover heroic tales, grand to recount.
Bawdy poetry regales, playful competition gains momentum.
Energy escalates, fans profound merriment.
Family, beyond embarrassment, drunk on high spirits and love.
Goddess blesses, gently kisses, wafts through
artful celebration.
libramoon Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015
new project beginning to find form

very early stages (respond if and as you please)…
larebabysaiyan Featured By Owner Edited Jan 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
nice group.
mickmoart Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2014  Professional General Artist
Well, I am shuttling around a brand-new art piece!

If you like it, feel free to send it back to me!

I will ALWAYS approve back, if need be! Thanks a ton!…
libramoon Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014
Comfort and Joy
Happy children
snug in our beds.
Visions of mistletoe above dream-filled heads.
Charmed slow motion sled glides hills
green and white.
Great blazing star overrides chill of night.
Smell, virgin snow, spice and roast,
pine laced fire.
Meet make-believe elves to tell
secret desires.
Delegation of peace, these moments
gifted with meaning,
lighthearted believing.
Merry ritual.
Lighting Candles
I wish you peace.
I wish you love.
I wish you freedom to
express your better nature.
I wish you replete in safeness.
I wish you patience.
I wish you restful evenings
and brilliant days.
I wish you dazzling visions.
I wish this maddening world
a gladder disposition.
I wish for amity,
shared exuberant view.
I wish we all get
limitless fulfillment.
I thrice charge these wishes
and gift them to you.
Essence, scent memory.
Cinnamon, baking feast, ambient family.
Wafting incense.
Fragrant air
redolent of antiquity's.
Aged path along magick’s mountain meadow.
Hard, sharp terrain, caves and crevices, mysteries.
Exquisitely strong, enduring.  Scarred,
calloused by tenacious stresses, storms, centuries.
Awed skin caresses manifest existence.
Rippling bells, liquid voices pour
replenishing wine of merriment. Listen.
Reverberate back to diluvian tribal pool.
Irresistible drum beats, symphonic rushing rivers.
Rise and quaff libation of choir's caroling.
In ritual, visualize distant dawn.
Hearths of unseen worlds fade before Sol's majesty.
Incandescent homunculus eyes lifting to flame,
krinkling sparks, jovian glow.
Powerful torches burn through dark imagery.
Revel in flavor, delicious piquancy.
Peppery heat, sour sorrows, exotic ebullient stew.
Wisps of buttery fantasy, savory bliss,
divine delicacies,
bittersweet ecstasy.
    Hurrah the Saturnalia!
    Bacchus reigns on high
    And all the world's a feast of fun
    So pass the pipe and pour the rum
    And flash a smile o'er everyone
        A twinkle of the eye.
        Hail the merry Season!
    A boost for love & joy
    When packages that yell "surprise!"
    May dance before excited eyes
    from "Santa Claus" that merry, wise
        & venerable old boy.
        Joy to all ye revelers!
    It's time to join in play
    where roles are dropped and laughter raised
    We're all buffoons, so clowns be praised
    It's time to shout out loud, ablaze
        "Enjoy the best of days!"
    A very merry holiday
        to each and all I say!
Holiday Giving
Recursive love.
Deep healing warmth.
Safe harbor home.
Benevolence assured.
Emboldened Hope.
Affirming Joy.
Abiding Peace.
Hugging’s good.
Laughs are fun.
Expanding love with every one --
Gifting Peace
Gifting Hope   
Gifting Joy!
Merry Christmas.
Happy Solstice.
Every claim for light and play.
Every spritely holiday.
Opening to heart.
Cherishing each part
of the living
of the giving.
Voices lilt in melody,
share in song I give to you:
Live in joy   Live in peace   Live in love
sintel16 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just noticed you featured me in 'Visionary Work of the Week'
thank you so much
it really means a lot to me
libramoon Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014
thanks giving

At the Table

You want your fond place at the table
You want to be a fellow jolly good "so say we all."
I tell you, the table is vastly laden with
layers of little memories, which
no two see the same.
We arrive at the feast
hungry for virtue, for love, for
forgiveness of our wanton ways;
willing to be merry, to partake of
ritual, merge through
Constellations, moving, shifting,
making waves in collective
consciousness, appear to reveal
sparkling impulses of truth.
On that star marked evening
taking in the sweet, evocative air,
embracing untranslated joy,
something catches in our throats.
The song we need so desperately
to share can only express in shards.
The pain, sucked in with our  breath,
becomes one with the bread and wine.
This is the blood, the body,
marinated in salty tears, preserving
what has not yet found
appropriate release.

Again, and yet again
meeting, to take sustenance.
Hungry battle wounds
courageously opening,  
to imbibe the healing
of grace.

music of the spheres

In quiet night sky
while starlight and peace prevail,
a haunting rhythm,
music of moving spheres,
slowly soars, entrances,
embraces fear,
kisses taunt of pain away.
Well into darkness, watching,  
hoping for a passing meteor
to swoop down and carry
far into greater space,
where kindly constellations
tell stories of joy and thanksgiving.
Celestial fusion crackles and strains
like an old jazz recording.
Melodies layered through ages;
written on mighty, sacred wind;
told like Homeric verse
by the wanderers --
heavenly nurturing guides
leading us home.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing
your intimate secrets,
guilty despair.
"How can  anything matter?
I am too damaged, dark,
no fun to pay admission."
It is not a birthday without
cake and good wishes.
No cure can take hold without
a get well card,
gift of courage
from caring others.
No rhyme, no rhythm,
no choir – no welcoming
into soft healing warmth.
Toxic potions,
shocking wires,
disconnection from
harried continuity
cannot weave wholeness.
Kind reception, open
revel in shared humanity
etches a loving pattern
for integration,
faith to dare creative leap.
Re-merged, nourished with fuel for  
healthy fulfillment.
Multi-hued singing fountains
rejoice in new found company.

Not in Gratitude

Gratitude implies obligation.
Lilting beatitude, delight,
insightful embrace freely express.
Happy in my natural rhythm,
receptive to pleasure;
balm of luscious nectars,
warm melt of radiant bliss,
elation, charismatic exultation.
I am in awe, a true believer;
not on my knees in supplication.
Supine, welcoming grace.

Giving Thanks

Thank you all for being
-- as another year unwinds
All the hearing, touching, seeing
Your shared caring and desires
All the fear, sickness and heartache
All the joy, infectious smiles
Arts in which you kindly partake
in all your various styles
Dear wishes for a future where
convivial peace abides
Thank you all for being
in my life.

Firelight Story

Oh my children,
not so very long ago,
probably in many places still,
we lived in communities
in which we had pride and dignity.
Small enough for everyone to
know your name.
Large enough to provide diverse
resource of skills
and personalities.
Caring, squabbling, challenging
as family.
Able to leap beyond petty animosities
and find a way when a way
must be found.
Entrenched in lessons of former days,
preparation for breaking future ground.
Not just a pretty myth
like heroic champions who protect,
subtract our sins.
Community, adaptive growth within
a solid sphere,
a social network of mutual support,
often said to be what we are here for.
(I hear you sneer; you who tear down magic,
hope, shared trust.)
It could be, community,
our prayed for cure (balancing salvation)
to the follies of humanity's
deadly love
of war.

Soft sensuous clouds drift and blend
as crepuscular iridescent glow descends.
Below, welcoming evening lights,
drowsy trees, cozy homes, familiar rites.
Recall of feasts, merry meets, gift of returning friends
evokes deeply desired peace, belonging, generous amends.

Battle wary, ready for rest, to shelter.
Close this sorry chapter; relax, restore.

No space to listen, reflect,  learn how
we could peacefully heal.
Its all teeth and claws, everyday wars,
every night prayers of repent.  Every
penny spent to hold back the blame,
shame, certainty that all paths forward
lead to more of the same.

Earth spins; we want answers that
assure us yes, so wise, we are Messiah’s promised.

I give you a bubble of better days.
Ease of peace in contemplation, bliss of
transcendent imagery, artful conversation.
Feel complete
if only for this moment.
DanNeamu Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014
Thank YOU Hug
adkind Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  Professional Artist
I really pleased =D
Thank YOU Hug 
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